San Diego to Oceanside: 1 August 2001

Got up early and went out to phone Holiday Autos and cancel the car and then AmEx to find our what’s going on with my account. (And then Starbucks to recover, but got told off for queuing in the wrong place.*) All sorted now, I hope. We decided to check out of the hotel – cos it was shit – and went for a walk around the Gaslamp district then up to Balboa Park.

Crossing the road on the way I fell over and cut both my knees (and spilled my drink all over the road). It was on the flight path and the planes were really low, so David’s been taking the piss out of me, saying I was looking up at a plane and just fell over like a penguin. Once I’d cleaned my knees, we sat in the park reading and watching squirrels.

We decided to drive a bit out of town to get somewhere to stay and ended up at Oceanside, which is beautiful. As soon as I saw the harbour I loved it. We went into a tourist information place where the woman asked where we were from. We told her Manchester and she said, “Oh! The Beatles!” Um, no.

We walked – passing drivers actually honked at us for walking – down the beach and the pier, watched the surfers and the sunset and decided to stay an extra night so we can spend tomorrow at the beach. On the way back to the hotel, people had lit fires on the beach and were having barbecues. It was just what I imagined California would be like.

* It was really busy and I not only queued in the wrong place, I couldn’t get the top off the milk flask. Ah, olden times when Starbucks was a mystery to me…


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