Oceanside to Blythe: 3 August 2001

Photo from Google StreetView

Drove for most of the day. From Oceanside to Palm Desert* which was incredibly hot and where we used the library to email home. From there we got some lunch in Indio and then set off across Death Valley – argh! – to Blythe. At one point there was a sign telling us to switch the AirCon off for ten miles to avoid overheating. Me and D overheated. The heat in Blythe is unbelievable. Went to Pizza Hut and then to the cinema to see Planet of the Apes and afterwards I asked someone the temperature: 110 degrees! Saw a motorway sign that read ‘State Prison: Do not pick up hitchhikers.’

* The only thing I remember about Palm Desert is being afraid to open the door of the air-conditioned hire car because I knew the heat would hit me. And it did. Like opening an oven door. Yikes.

We didn’t take any photos and the above screenshot from Google StreetView may suggest why. We were dazzled! Dazzled and crispy with the heat.