Blythe to Williams: 4 August 2001

Another heavy driving day. From Blythe we went to Lake Havasu City through some amazing Colorado River scenery. LHC was 115 degrees and really cheesy. It’s where London Bridge is and they’re created London Bridge Resort with a London pub, phonebox, bus, etc. Had a drink then a taste of ‘turkey jerky’ (tasted like Pepperami) then back in the car.

Next stop was Kingman – still hot but ‘only’ about 96 – where we sat in a park and read for a while. When I got in the car four enormous black ants got in with me. From there all the way to Williams which is a resort town but feels like ‘small town America’. It’s the last place they got rid of Route 66 and is the ‘Gateway to the Grand Canyon’.

We watched a shoot-out (there’s a rodeo on as well) and then went to get some dinner. TV-fest with Mighty Joe Young, followed by Tales of the City.

Dreadful photo. Don’t forget this was olden times, pre- digital photography for all. We actually had a rather fancy Kodak Advantix Preview camera that I think was described as ‘the film camera that thinks it’s digital’ because it had a viewing screen on the back and you could delete the shots if you didn’t like them. I was rather proud of it, not least because I’d seen it in O magazine…  (Of course most of these photos look like they were taken in the 70s or 80s, not just 10 years ago!)