Williams to the Grand Canyon : 5 August 2001

Spent this afternoon at the Grand Canyon – it was completely awesome. We’d been driving along looking out for it and then we suddenly saw it and both said, “Holy shit!”

No matter how many photos you’ve seen of it, it’s still completely gobsmacking. We were a bit freaked out that you could just walk right up to the edge – obviously there’s no way the whole lot could be cordoned off! – but it still seemed mad. We both sat down on the edge, but I couldn’t get back up again – I had to crawl to safety before standing. We drove the South Rim East and then got a free shuttle bus west. It was so beautiful. We were going to stay to watch the sunset, but a thunderstorm started so we left.

On the way back we heard Garrison Keillor reading from Lake Wobegon on public radio, watched the fork lightning in the distance (actually not all that distant) and then could only find fifties music on the radio. We joked that we’d been struck by lightning and sent back in time.

David is so rubbish at taking photos...