Williams to Las Vegas: 6 August 2001

Drove to Kingman and got a stereo so we could listen to our tapes in the car. From there we went to Hoover Dam, which was very impressive and ridiculously hot – there was a guy in a convertible alongside us and we were saying how fabulous that would be then, when he got out at Hoover Dam, he was soaked with sweat: shirt, trousers, hair, the lot. Yeah, no aircon in a convertible…

Next up was Vegas. So weird to suddenly see it appear in the middle of the desert. Booked into the Stratosphere – hadn’t intended to cos it was $80, more than we wanted to pay, but I’d queued for 25 minutes to find that out and David was stressed by the driving, so I thought ‘sod it.’ Went to the Sahara for the buffet which was good fun – some people really take ‘all you can eat’ seriously – then walked up the Strip looking at all the mad hotels.

Was far too hot though – my head was banging – so we came back and pissed $10 up the wall in the slot machines. Big spenders.


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