Barstow to Bakersfield : 8 August 2001

Another mostly driving day. We got coffee at Starbucks then, apart from stopping for petrol, drove all the way to Bakersfield. We checked into a pretty dodgy (but ridiculously cheap – $25) motel. They made us leave a $10 deposit for the towels, which are threadbare and tiny. It’s next to a strip club with a sign saying ‘Hundreds of beautiful girls (and one ugly one)’ – sigh – and I think most of the other rooms have been hired by the hour…  Still. $25.

We went to the tourist info andDavid saw that Journey and Peter Frampton are playing here tonight and got really excited, so we went to the venue and he got a ticket. Then we went to the mall and Barnes & Noble. We came back to the motel and then D went off to his gig and I read and watched Thirtysomething. It was set in 1988 – realised I was 17 when I saw it for the first time and 30 must have seemed a long way away, but I’m 30 now. Can’t help wondering what 17-year-old me thought 30-year-old me would be doing. Have to think some more about that one…