Sacramento : 14 August 2001

Walked into Sacramento and down towards the Capitol building which is lovely. Went to a used bookshop and I got another Tales of the City first edition. Result. We sat reading in the park for a while then went for some lunch at a cool bookshop/cafe.

We headed into Sacramento again after dinner to an English-style pub we’d read about in the guidebook. Thought it might be funny. We ordered two Budweisers and the barmaid gave them to us then asked for our ID. I hadn’t taken mine because I hadn’t taken a bag with me. She said I couldn’t have my drink without ID. I said I’d have a Coke instead. Nope – she couldn’t serve me anything. She said David could drink both beers, but I’d have to wait outside or we could have our money back. We took the money and walked all the way back to the hotel. It was quite far, particularly since we were thirsty. English pub my arse.