Santa Rosa to Eureka : 16 August 2001


Set off to the Redwoods and the drive-thru tree. You could actually drive through it (duh), so we did. Then we sat by the lake for a while then walked up through the forest. It was incredibly beautiful. 

We picked up a sub for lunch then drove to Avenue of the Giants and ate watching deers drinking out of the stream (D thought they were drinking next to an outflow pipe, but I prefer to think it was a log). Forced David to hug a tree. From there we continued down Avenue of the Giants, stopping for a sit on a dedicated bench, then arrived at Eureka*. 

Got out and wandered around for a bit, but didn’t really like it so zipped off to Arcata, which I was looking forward to as it was so highly recommended by the book, but the only hotel was too expensive. Headed back to Eureka where the accommodation was cheaper. Checked into an Econolodge and headed out in search of some food/entertainment. 

Ended up at the mall where we had an Arby’s for dinner and watched American Pie II.** Went to bed at 12 and were woken at 1 by a man yelling and swearing. I thought it was on TV at first, but then I realised it was outside. It went on for a while then I heard him leave. Then I heard him shouting further down the street. I worried at first that he’d come out of a room and that he’d come back and then, because it was 1am, my imagination ran away with me and I wondered if he might be armed. Thought “I want to go home” for the first time since we’ve been here. Didn’t sleep well at all. 

* I’ve just had a look at Eureka online and there’s a nice looking Old Town that we obviously completely missed. Doh.

** Not very successful on the food/entertainment front then.

Me. In a tree.

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    1. I meant to say that my parents had a picture of them driving through a tree – not sure if it was the same one – and I’d wanted to do it since I was a kid. Fab.

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