We’re back! Back!

Yes, I know we’ve been back since Saturday, but it’s taken me a few days to get back in the saddle. So I’ve got some blog posts to catch up on. I also decided to finally – finally! – sort the house out.

It’s mainly because I’m trying to start a new book and I’ll do pretty much anything to get out of writing, but it’s also because I’m trying to start a new book and I find I can’t concentrate when a little bit of my brain is fretting about the mess. I kid myself that if only the cupboard under the stairs was organised I’d have the mental space to write like the wind. It’s worth a try, eh?

So I’ve done that thing where you open a cupboard and in trying to sort out that cupboard you end up having to sort out every single other cupboard, wardrobe, chest of drawers in the house. Plus under all the beds. And random piles of sundry crap in every room. (I started by just trying to put things in the correct rooms – there was a Guinness Book of Hit Singles on top of a kitchen cupboard! – but that soon defeated me and now I’m just trying to take something with me as I leave each room and put something in the bin on the return journey. Baby steps, baby.)

But I have at least written today. I’m belatedly trying Laurie Halse Anderson’s Write 15 Minutes A Day plan. I’ve been reading her blog – Mad Woman in the Forest – and it’s just wonderful. Recommended.


4 thoughts on “We’re back! Back!

  1. Oh Keris… firstly [shamefaced] I don’t even know where you’ve been and secondly, I *totally* do that with the mental focus. It’s why we began a humungous declutter a while back. It’s kinda working too, only I never seem to get to the part where I actually write, because by the time I’ve finshed tidying, I’m too knackered to do anything but watch CSI. But I keep on kidding myself that one day, I will be on top of things and have shedloads of writing time. Go you xxx

    1. Haha! There’s no need to be shamefaced! There’s not going to be a test! We’ve been to Northumberland – more photos later 🙂

      I’ve been talking about decluttering for so long and I really do think it will help, it’s just… ugh…. such a job.

  2. Well, there *should* be a test for your stalkers! 😉 Can’t wait to see the piccies, I never get bored of people’s holiday snaps. Yes, it does take a loooong time, but try to see it as a work in progress, with the initial planning freeing up a quotient of your creative brain. Heehee.

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