Brookings to Florence : 18 August 2001

Went to the library and sent emails. Had a hilarious one from Dad.*

We stopped at a place called Gold Beach and got a coffee then sat looking out over the sea. I love the Oregon Coast, it feels to me like “my” place.

We finished our coffee then went for a walk on the beach – it was so beautiful. We stopped for fish and chips (!) at Bandon and had a look around. It’s lovely, what I imagine New England is like.

From there, past the Oregon sand dunes all the way to Florence. We walked down to the Old Town and had a mooch around the shops, before dinner in a restaurant called Mo’s, overlooking the river (lovely photo here) (and have a look at Mo’s website. Or rather, have a listen to the song!). 


Reading: Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley

* Wish I’d kept these emails, but apparently not.


4 thoughts on “Brookings to Florence : 18 August 2001

  1. The song! The sooong! Why does it not get followed by ‘In The Mood For Mo’s is filmed before a live audience’ and some clapping as a man in a jumper walks onto set? I WOULD WATCH THAT.

    Ahem. Lovely photos. Why do we live in crappy soggy Britain again?

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