For want of a nail…

I am incredibly lazy. Particularly around the house. I often don’t notice any mess (or dirt) until I’m expecting visitors and then I’ll suddenly spot the cobwebs dangling from the ceilings or the mucky fingerprints on the light switches (I’m not saying I then do something about it, but at least I’m aware).

For ages I’ve had pictures propped up here and there and I wanted to hang them, but didn’t have any nails. Yesterday – as part of my decluttering campaign – I decided to get them on the walls. Me and the boys went out to a local playground and, on the way home, bought a box of nails. It was 65p.

When I got home I skipped around the house, putting up pictures and it’s made such a big difference. Not just to how the house looks, but to how it feels. I’m so glad I finally got round to it. (Imagine how good I’ll feel if I ever paint over the water mark on the ceiling or get a shade for the bare bulb in the lounge.)

A registration plate my dad brought back from Canada. I’ve never really thought much of it and only as I was hanging it up (on my office wall) did I realise it was probably off our car. And Dad probably shouldn’t have taken it (but he wouldn’t have worried about that).


One of the things on my Big Zeroes 40 List is to create a family gallery up the stairs. It had been stalled at about five pictures for a while, but yesterday I added a bunch that had been lurking around the house in various places.

And I’ve been meaning to frame Sark’s How To Really Love A Child poster for ages (since before Harry was born, I’d guess), so I finally did that too.




This is Harry’s bedroom wall. He’s always asking us to stick random things up there – newspaper cuttings, pages from magazines, adverts – but his baby rugby shirt has just been leaning against the wall until yesterday.

One day I’ll actually take it out of the frame and iron it, but don’t hold your breath.




The boys aren’t actually bothered about having things framed. They much prefer sticking things up with the fancy tape my lovely friend Anne-Marie sent me to fix my specs. See:



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    1. The books should be, yes. I’d recommend Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper. Happy to lend you my copy, if you like, when we eventually meet up!

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