What’s your favourite musical?

I think it was my nan who introduced me to musicals. Or Aunty Barb. Or both. I only really know that I was a bit obsessed with them, watching Calamity Jane and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in particular over and over and over again.

I’ve just watched Calamity Jane for the first time in years after author Harriet Evans mentioned on Twitter that she was going to watch it and, when I said I really must buy the DVD, replied that she had two and she’d send me one. (Really, Twitter is ace and authors are LOVELY.)

Joe’s in bed so I just made Harry watch it with me. He lasted out quite well – right up to the kissing scene, at which point he said, emphatically, “Skip. Past. This.” – and I cried both at The Black Hills of Dakota (which reminds me of my parents and I used to sing it to Harry as a baby) and Secret Love (which I also used to sing to Harry, but mainly just because it’s gorgeous).

I now have a hankering to watch Seven Brides. Or Singin’ in the Rain. Or South Pacific or Guys & Dolls, neither of which I’ve seen all the way through and both of which my mum loved. Or maybe I should just watch anything I can find with Howard Keel in (hubba).

So I thought I’d ask… what’s your favourite musical?

(And if you don’t like musicals, keep it to yourself, eh? Don’t make me come round and shoot a glass out of your hand!)


21 thoughts on “What’s your favourite musical?

  1. I can’t pick a favourite one! I suppose, at the time of typing, my top 4 are:

    Calamity Jane
    The Wizard of Oz
    My Fair Lady

    Oh, I LOVE musicals 🙂 I didn’t see Seven Brides… until a couple of years ago, and must admit was a bit meh about it – I should probably give it another go.

    1. My Fair Lady’s another one I don’t know very well. I’ve seen it – a few times, I think – but I need to see it again.

      Seven Brides is great… if you ignore the whole kidnapping theme. :S

  2. Tricky… A stage musical like Pyjama Game that got adapted to film, or a film musical like Calamity Jane that got adapted for the stage? A musical that blends spoken dialogue and songs like Sweet Charity, or a completely sung through show like Les Miserables?

    Tempted to say Hairspray, as it just exudes joy on every level. Or the music hall delights of Me and My Girl. Or the kitsch genius found in Little Shop of Horrors?

    Umm. Umm.

    Let’s go for the film Singing in the Rain. Can happily watch that any time. [Then again, I can also watch Happy Gilmore at any time, so my taste is decidedly suspect.]

    1. I think Singin’ in the Rain is THE best Hollywood musical… but I haven’t seen Happy Gilmore.

      I’m not sure I’ve seen the Pyjama Game either. I really should have broadened my horizons rather than watching the same three movies over and over.

      1. Pyjama game is a big bleurgh, imo. Not really one to remember, as I remember! ‘course, you might like it though.. 🙂 x

  3. Grease…or Fame…or Sound of Music…I can’t pick one! I also love Moulin Rouge and Chiacgo! See fame 4 times at the theatre in Darlington and everytime I cry!

    Oh and not forgetting the amazing Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    1. Oh I can’t believe I forgot West Side Story! Used to watch that one obsessively too. Saw it at the theatre with the school and everyone laughed at me for crying. Heartless bitches.

  4. Too hard. Joseph maybe, as that was the first show I did. Miss Saigon, which my husband took me to see just before it closed in London not long after we got together and which got him hooked on musicals. Fiddler on the Roof for the dream sequence and L’Chaim and because it makes me cry Every. Damn. Time. Hairspray for the pure joy. Notre Dame de Paris because it’s simply fabulous. And Seven Brides which I’ve adored as long as I can remember.

  5. I’ve always thought life would be so much better if we could live it as a musical. You know the kind of thing, walking around ASDA looking for the Weetabix, music starts to play, you sing the opening line ‘Where’s the Weetabix?’ shoppers and staff all join in, dancing with shopping trollies, butcher chopping out a beat with his cleaver, riding on the conveyor belts, juggling with frozen food items for a comic touch, finishing with a cereal finale and then everyone just carrying on as if nothing had happened. Bliss!
    *Shimmy’s into coat, twirls to grab bag for life*

  6. Singin’ In The Rain and On The Town are both fab. Grease and Moulin Rouge are great too. I love a good musical 🙂

  7. I have to say Grease is probably my favourite but Grease and Calamity Jane are two of my most favourite films anyway. Haven’t seen Guys & Dolls for year but I love it too. Marlon Brandon- Swoon!

  8. Love love love musicals! I think Wicked is the best ever – wish I could watch it every night.

  9. ah, how lovely!
    I can never choose – Singin’ in the Rain, Calamity, My Fair Lady, Grease, Chicago, Wicked (is that a movie yet?!) and Funny Girl. But really it’s hard to top SITR. Don O’Connor’s up the walls dance makes me gasp every time. (And I’ve seen it a million times -ish.) Gene’s not so bad either! But Doris in Calam, just beautiful. (If you can just ignore all the ignorant racism, sexism, male chauvinism, etc in a movie … and for once, just for Doris, I can!) And then again, there’s Babs’ Don’t Rain on my Parade in FG … oh, we are SO lucky that some people are so very talented!

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