Happened so fast…

So yesterday I’d arranged to meet my friend Zoe in Manchester, but I got there early because I wanted to do some work on the new book. So after I’d pootled here and there, procrastinating, I went to Waterstone’s to procrastinate some more knuckle down and look what I found:

Actually that’s not entirely true. I actually found Della in the US Imports section (!) and then moved her to her correct position (after I’d moved the Jenny Valentine book, inexplicably shelved between ‘Stainton’ and ‘Steinbeck’). But then I realised I’d never actually seen my two books in a book shop, side by side, face out and so I did a bit more rearranging (don’t worry, I put it all back once I’d taken the photo) (apart from the Jenny Valentine book).

It was a funny feeling seeing them both there. I found myself thinking “Two books! TWO BOOKS!” because even though I know I’ve had two books published (I’m not a complete idiot) (even though I just typed ‘I’m not a completely idiot’) I hadn’t really stopped to think about it.

Because – and Zoe and I ended up talking about this later – it all seemed to happen so fast and every step of the way I’ve been focussed on the next thing, rather than stopping to think about where I am right now.

But then when I got home, I said, “Look! Something exciting!” and showed David and Harry the photo. David said, “Great. Where was that?” Harry said, “Yeah. Two books. I KNOW!”

The other fab thing in that branch of Waterstone’s was this (click to embiggen):

There’s my book and there’s lovely Tom Clempson‘s book! Jessie and Jack, sitting in a tree dumpbin, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. (Probably.)

(And I LITERALLY only just noticed that my book is next to Candace Bushnell’s two Sex and the City YA books. Wow.)


7 thoughts on “Happened so fast…

  1. when you read your blog then you read your book- ‘jessie ❤ NYC' you can really feel you in the book… i know it sounds silly! but you can tell its you who wrote it. by the way i really love the book! it comes first in my list of books.. well second really. the Twilight saga comes first, but thats because of the films too. i really think they should produce a film of 'jessie ❤ NYC'!! the book is just great. i haven't ready 'della says: OMG' yet but its next on my list!! if i can ever find it in a bookstore.. which i dont go into much so its no wonder that i cant find one. but when i do find a good book when i have time to go in a book store (when im not in miss selfriges, topshop, river island or newlook, OH and hollister.. but i rarley by anything form there because of the price!!, oh by the way i live in wales.. i thought id point that out because i've heard that they dont have many of those shops in the u.s! but im not sure) but im sure 'della says: OMG' is just as good!! thanks for reading this extemely long comment.. i think you've just inspired to write my own blog.. thanks!!!

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