Seattle : 29 August 2001

Moon rock!

Went up to Barnes & Noble then got a coffee at Starbucks.Got the monorail to Seattle Centre and had lunch then went to the Pacific Science Centre.

Went to the Planetarium and the Titanic IMAX film and then the Titanic exhibition. We were given a boarding pass with a name on it and then at the end we could check on the ‘memorial wall’ to see if our person had survived. When we got three, there were little kids going “Haha! I lived and you died!” at each other, which was pretty bad taste. The gift shop was even worse – all sorts of tacky replicas of the artifacts brought up from the ship and one of those water sausage things with a little Titanic and iceberg. Ugh.

From there we walked to Fado and had dinner then did the pub quiz. It was great fun and we came second, even though most of the questions were aimed at Americans. From there, we ran back to the hotel to catch The West Wing.