What we did in the summer holidays

You know, I’m not really sure. We had a week’s holiday in Northumberland, which was rainy but wonderful. We took the boys to a fire station open day and to an aquarium

and to see Wall-E on the outdoor screen in Manchester

They enjoyed it, honest!

We went to the park and blew bubbles in the back garden and my nephews came to visit.

And I decluttered. I decluttered and decluttered and decluttered. I was a decluttering MACHINE. It’s kind of addictive, actually. The boys are lucky to still have beds. And once I’d finished decluttering (or at least finished Phase One) I cleaned. A bit. And I bought a new washing up bowl. I know! Fancy!

And as well as decluttering, I scanned many, many photos into the computer. Like these of my parents in Canada in the late sixties:


And yet there are still many, many more to do.

What else? I watched Friday Night Lights and quivered with fear at the knowledge that soon it will end. I don’t want it to end. What will I do without it?! What?!

Tim Riggins is not the only reason I love FNL, honest.

I also watched Miranda (again) and Timothy Spall: Back at Sea, which I love! I love how he and his wife Shane are doing this incredible round Britain by barge thing, but at the same time are total nervous nellies about it. Or at least Tim is. I also started watching The Cosby Show from the beginning and I’ll be writing about that more at some point because it’s just lovely.

Gorgeous illustration by lepetitelefant on etsy

And I read lots of lovely books. Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle. Pretty Bad Things by CJ Skuse. My So-Called Phantom Love Life by Tamsyn Murray. Loved them all. Oh and Are We Nearly There Yet? by Ben Hatch, which is the story of how he and his family – wife and two children under 4 – drove 8000 miles around Britain to write a guide book. It really didn’t help my longing to take Harry and Joe on a road trip…

I also started rereading Heidi on the Kindle (it was FREE!) (or as Harry just said when he saw that link: “Zero pound!”). I loved Heidi so much as a child and I can totally see why – it’s just adorable. I’m actually surprised at how clearly I remember it considering it’s probably more than 30 years since I last read it. I read some other books too, but I can’t remember what. I’ve got a bit overwhelmed with books lately – my TBR pile is ridiculous and now they’re building up on my Kindle as well. I’ll readily admit I’ve got a problem. I’m a bookaholic. *hangs head in shame*

Oh and me and David went to the cinema! On our own! While we were queueing, I asked him what film we’d last seen at the cinema together and he thought for a bit and then said “Rio?” Nope. David saw it with Harry and I saw it with Harry, but we did not go and see it together (without Harry) because that would’ve been weird. So we saw The Inbetweeners and even though I know it’s wrong and I disapprove of so much of it (actually, I disapprove of the word “disapprove”), it was really really funny.

Oh! And writing! Yes, I did some writing. Little bit. Mainly I did researching and making a playlist and fretting, but I did actually manage to get some words down too. Yay me.

What did YOU do in the summer holidays?