Cross-country train : 2 September 2001

No pics so here's one from Seattle

It’s 7.30 on Sunday and we’re at a service stop at Minneapolis/St Paul (the Twin Cities). Yesterday, I got up early and went to the newly-arrived observation car*. There was some lovely scenery in Montana, but North Dakota was pretty dull. Sat and read and did some writing. Got talking to a woman who asked if she could buy me a cup of coffee. I said no, I was fine, and she said, “It would make me real happy…” 

Had another game of backgammon with D and I won! Went to the dining car for dinner (catfish and rice) and we were seated with two women travelling alone. Hilary was on her way to Vermont to start college and Tina was on her way home just outside Chicago. Tina invited us to stay with her for the two nights we’re there, but we said we’ve got somewhere we can’t cancel. Now though, I’m thinking maybe we should have accepted. What difference does it make if we pay for the hostel but stay somewhere better? The only thing is it’s 30 miles outside Chicago and I wonder what we’d get to see of Chicago itself. I’m going to ask D what he thinks when he wakes up.** 

* That observation car is one of my happy places: looking up through the glass roof at the leaves rattling in the trees. Gorgeous.

** You would not believe how stressed I got about this. Or maybe – if you’ve been reading my blog for a while – you would. I still feel a bit fretful about it now, ten years on.