My favourite book(s) this year (so far)

Remember how I tried to do a drawing challenge and failed miserably? Well I didn’t learn from that at all, so now I’m going to attempt this 40 day book challenge I found via Ten Cent Notes.

Day 1 (which I should’ve done yesterday) was ‘A favourite book of 2011 (so far)’ and I’ve had to pick two (one non-fic and one fic) because I couldn’t help myself.

As I read Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine I had to keep a post it pad next to me to mark the pages. I read bits out to David. I read bits aloud to myself. It made me rage and smack myself in the forehead, but it made me laugh a lot too. It’s an amazing book and you should read it. Whoever you are.

I love Sarra Manning’s YA novels. I loved her first adult novel Unsticky so much that the minute I finished reading it, I wanted to start it again. Like Unsticky, her second adult novel – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me – jumped straight onto my favourite “chick lit” novels of all time. It’s funny, sexy, romantic and I didn’t want it to end.


4 thoughts on “My favourite book(s) this year (so far)

  1. Rowan Coleman’s Lessons in laughing out loud has jumped to the top of my list of favourite books of the year. As well as Sarra’s.

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