Train to Chicago : 3 September 2001

Sunday on the train was pretty boring and then we arrived in Chicago! Got to the hostel and they said we were only booked in for one night not two and we’d have to stay in a dorm room for the second night. So we phoned Tina from the train and left a message saying we’d love to stay then we went for dinner and David said he’d rather not stay. We rang her again and got the answering machine again, so she probably thinks we’re massive idiots. Which is fair enough.*

We queued for two hours to go up Sears Tower and then we were knackered so we came back to the hostel. Had a really good night’s sleep, thankfully.

Got up late this morning because we hadn’t changed the time on the alarm clock. Tried to move room, but had a right palaver so put our bags in storage and went out.

Walked to the Rock’n’Roll McDonald’s to get the Metro Ducks tour, but it wasn’t running so we got a trolley tour instead and it was great. Chicago is really beautiful.

After the tour, back at the hostel, had no problem changing rooms at all and then we went out for the evening. We walked (quite a long way) to Navy Pier, which was really cool. Sat and had a beer, listening to a soul band and then it started to rain so we went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for dinner, where David walked face-first into a frying pan like something out of a cartoon.

Had a really nice dinner (and margarita) before getting the subway back. There was an old black guy on the train singing a Stevie Wonder tune and asking what it was. It was Sir Duke and I told him all excitedly. He didn’t understand me at first – I had to say “Dook” instead of “Duke” – and then, when he realised we were English, he started talking about the Queen Mother. Heh.

* See! So stressful!