Chicago to home : 5 September 2001

How ER is this?!

On our last day we had a coffee then got the El just so I could ride it. We left a message for David’s brother at his hotel and then walked along the waterfront to a restaurant called Bennigans. We had brunch there then went to the Field Museum. It was really great, quite like the Natural History Museum and it has a T-Rex named Sue.


From there we picked up our bags and got the subway to the airport. The flight was actually quite good, particularly compared with the outward journey. I watched Shrek, had a bit of a sleep, read a bit, watched an episode of Clocking Off and then we were home. Sadly (and typically) it was foggy and raining.

Got the trains over to Wallasey and Leanne picked us up. Jake even cuter than before, Toby teething so a little grumpy. Had a nice afternoon with them and we’re now watching England vs Albania.

Feels weird to be home, in fact I already can’t remember what America felt like. 

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