A book that changed my life

Day 6 of the 40 day book challenge is ‘a book that changed my life’.

I read Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star: How to Claim the Life You Were Meant to Live in various Barnes & Nobles while on the big US trip I’ve been wittering on about for the past couple of months (our budget was too tight to allow me to actually buy the book).

By the time we got back – and our first full day home was ten years ago today – I not only knew what I wanted to do with my life, but also what I needed to change. My life now could not be more different from my life before we went on our US trip. We bought a house, we’ve had two kids, I can call myself a writer (rather than an administrator) and I’ve had two books published.

I find it impossible to read anything written by Martha Beck without feeling inspired. She’s far from po-faced and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s very funny and she’s been through it, all of it, and isn’t afraid to share her own experiences. If you’re still not convinced, you can read some of her articles (and watch videos) on Oprah.com. Oh, didn’t I mention she’s Oprah’s life coach? Recommendations don’t come much higher than that…


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