My favourite crime novel

Day 9 of the 40 day book challenge is ‘A favourite crime fiction book.’

I’m too wussy for crime novels. Pathetic, but true. I used to LOVE Patricia Cornwell books, but then I found they were freaking me out too much and I had to stop reading them (also, they got a bit rubbish).

Does A Conspiracy of Paper by David Liss count? I think it’s probably more a historical thriller than crime, but it’s fabulous.

What’s your favourite crime novel? Yes, you. 


6 thoughts on “My favourite crime novel

  1. All of Kate Atkinson’s “Jackson Brodie” novels. I’m also a long-standing admirer of Barbara Vine/Ruth Rendell and P D James – oh, and Minette Walters. Too many to count really – I really like crime fiction generally.

    1. I’ve only read the first Jackson Brodie book, but I really enjoyed it. I loved Asta’s Book by Barbara Vine, but haven’t read anything else, I don’t think. I’m just too chicken for crime fiction…

  2. I love the Kate Atkinson books too and I like James Patterson books if I don’t want something too challenging. At the moment I am reading a series by MC Beeton, who wrote the Hamish McBeth stories, about a PR woman turned detective in the Cotswolds – Agatha Raison. Light and not too gruesome but very entertaining.

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