Boy quotes (Part 8)

Yes, I’ve finally got round to downloading my Twitter feed and searching out the boy bits. 

Walked almost 4 miles this morning. Joe exclaimed at tractors, bikes, postmen, vans, trucks, motorbikes, sheep, cows, clouds #toddlerworld

Harry: “Can you get your books out of the way? Cos I’ve got the whole world!” He was carrying a globe.

Joe just put the teddy I’ve had since birth into his high chair and gave it some toast. Am now singing ‘Circle of Life’ and weeping.

Harry: “Did you know there’s a word called ‘yaveleh’?” Me: “No. Can you use it in a sentence?” Harry: “Yes. What does ‘yaveleh’ mean?”

Joe just called me “Middy” and then corrected himself. Harry calls me Middy, Joe calls me Mama!

Harry’s just run out of the room, shouting “See ya later,
crocodile!” #fail

Joe helping me bake. If yelling “Mixing! MIXING! MIXING!” then trying to throw a step-stool at me is helping.

Woman in shop asked Harry if Joe was his “baby brother.” Harry said, “I’ve never seen that baby before in all my life!”


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  1. I really love these posts. I love the tweets when they happen, and then I get to love them all over again when you collate them like this 🙂

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