Running commentary

One of my favourite things about walking to school with the boys is the running commentary that Harry keeps up. Sometimes it’s more of a chat, but sometimes – like this morning when I haven’t had breakfast or even a cup of tea – Harry’s more than happy to hold his own. I wrote down as much as I could remember as soon as I got home… I’ll be glad of this in a few years when he’s only communicating in grunts πŸ˜‰

It’s Monday, 12th September 2011 and it’s raining. And windy and cloudy.

What are we doing this week? I’ve got swimming on Wednesday. The lady last week told us what we need to take and we need shorts and a towel in a plastic bag. We have registration and lessons in the morning. At 10 o’clock it’s literacy till 10.45 and then I think Maths and then we have a bit of our lunchtime play, I’m not sure about that. And then we have to get all our stuff together and walk down to the coach and the man or woman driving the coach will be waiting for us. And there are 45 seats.

It’s going to be so good. We’ll see trees and cars and people and convertibles putting their roofs up and other things. And we get to sit with our friends. I LOVE going on coaches. It’s going to be absolutely brilliant! And when we get to the swimming pool we have to go in and the boys get changed in one room and the girls get changed in another room and then we go to the secret swimming pool that I can’t tell you about. Don’t ask me because it’s a secret swimming pool just for us.

It’s REALLY windy. I thought the hurricane was ages ago and you said it had blown out. And how is New York? I remember you said they were starting a clean-up, but that was ages ago. Ooh! A bit of blue sky. If it dries up all the puddles I will give a trophy to the world! To the North Pole! A man will go up in a rocket and… Good morning, ducks!Β 


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