My favourite book from childhood

Day 16 of the 40 day book challenge is ‘a favourite book from childhood’.

Enid Blyton was a big fave as a child. Oddly not the Famous Five – I don’t even remember reading them – but the Secret Seven, Malory Towers, St Clare’s and, of course, the Faraway Tree series.

But I’ve chosen a book that I’ve got on my shelf to reread asap: The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden. I don’t remember very much about it, but I remember that it made me long to visit New York and, um, live in a drain pipe in Times Square.

(Ooh, just thought of another book that made me yearny – this time for London – The Swish of the Curtain by Pamela Brown.)

What was your favourite childhood book?


13 thoughts on “My favourite book from childhood

  1. Ooh the Swish of the Curtain! Fabulous book. I loved Mallory Towers and the Faraway Tree too. Did you ever read Gobbollino the Witch’s Cat? I adored that book. Ooh actually you might know the answer to this I loved a book but can’t remember the name. It was about a group of children who found a garden (not The Secret Garden) and it had mythical statues – gods and goddesses – that came to life and caused trouble. Possibly during the Second World War and I think it was made into a TV programme. Anyway I loved that!

      1. I was thinking it might be Moondial by Helen Cresswell (it was made into a TV series) but I don’t think that had mythical statues. There was definitely a garden and time travel/ghosts…

  2. I adored The Swish of the Curtain and read it countless times… My other go-to books were Harriet the Spy (I got it out of the library repeatedly and can still picture the cover perfectly), Ballet Shoes and Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. Oh, and the Crestomanci books by Diana Wynne Jones. Happy sigh.

  3. I’ve been trying to track down my favourites for years. They were a series of books featuring a girl called Marjorie, a boy called Guy, twins called Peter and Pan(sy). Horses were involved. I think the narrator was Pan, who had a big-time crush on Guy.

    I also enjoyed Famous Five and another series of books featuring “The Three Jays” written by a show-jumper called Pat Smythe.

    I always loved the idea of horses more than the reality…The Beatles had replaced them in my affections by age 12.

  4. Finally got round to doing a search and it is The Enchanted Castle by E Nesbit. I think I need to re read that one!

  5. Wendyfreckles disturbing your peace again…you’ve got me on a roll now. The Put-em Rights by Enid Blyton fascinated me as a girl. Obviously the control freak in me manifested itself at an early age. Somebody mentioned Dianna Wynn Jones – rings some distant bell but not sure what I read as read a lot back then. Frustrated now!

  6. Did the Faraway Tree have a chair that sprouted wings? Adored the Faraway Tree…didn’t the different worlds revolve and they had to get back to the cloud?? Enid Blyton thank you..

    Also loved the pony themed ones – authors’ names escape me – will check with mother tomorrow. Always about some lucky brat of a rich kid with a beautiful horse that they used to whack with a crop. But the poor kid with the saddle her mum knitted out of scraps of wool, on the shabby pony, used to win every time! Hurray! Go underponies!

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