Who’s your favourite evil character?

Day 17 of the 40 day book challenge is ‘a book with the best evil character’.

Again, the first character that springs to mind is Mrs Coulter from the His Dark Materials series. She’s not my favourite evil character, but when David was reading The Amber Spyglass he had to keep putting the book down to flail about how awful she was: “I HATE her and her golden monkeys!!!” Made me laugh a lot.

But who would mine be… I can’t actually think of one. I’ve looked through my GoodReads list and I can’t see one. But I know as soon as you start leaving comments I’ll say “Oh blimey, of COURSE!”


One thought on “Who’s your favourite evil character?

  1. Is that the Golden Compass series? Haven’t read the books but I hated her in the movie (Nicole Kidman does a good job) and her golden monkey too.

    When I saw the question about “favourite evil character?” I immediately thought of Dracula. He’s always been an I evil character that I loved.

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