Boy quotes (Part 9)

Harry to Joe: “No, your name is NOT Poodreya! That’s a girl’s name!”

Joe just handed me Harry’s backpack and said, “Open!” I opened. Joe is now inconsolable. Toddlers are weird.

Just told Harry to get his pyjamas on and instead he was sitting staring at the TV. He said, “Sorry! My eyes were going screensaver!”

Joe just came home. Ran through house, shouted “Harry!” then flung himself at H, wrapping his arms round Harry’s legs. Ace.

An alarm just went off on (Harry’s) iPod Touch. When I checked it, I found: “Alarm for Middy and Daddy to go to bed.” I’ll be off then.

Joe’s just had his first ever “time out”. He’s been apologising constantly – to me *and* Harry – for about 10 minutes now.

Harry pretending to be the emergency services on phone to David: “Which service do you require, Sir? Or… woman?”

Harry: “On my To Do list today I need to say sorry to a pigeon.”

{I know the Joe photo is blurry, but it’s so cute!}


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  1. ”Which service do you require, Sir? Or… woman?” – I LOVE it!! And I always laugh out loud. Thanks to your two lovely boys. 🙂 xx

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