A book for my birthday (in 8 months)

Day 22 of the 40 day book challenge is ‘a book I hope I get for my birthday’.

Blimey, my birthday’s a bit of a way off, but I suppose it’s never too soon to get stuff on the wishlist.

This New York book looks rather nice, yes?

Otherwise I’d love any of the Complete Peanuts collection, apart from the first one (I bought that for myself).

How about you? What’s a book you’d never buy for yourself?


2 thoughts on “A book for my birthday (in 8 months)

  1. Toughee. It is so hard to buy for other people. I can’t even get it right for hubby. He’s a hard one to please. Or me for that matter!. An expensive one. Probably about horses – glossily illustrated and BIG and beautiful non-fiction. If one such book indeed exists that’s the one I’m not buying for myself because it’s a luxury.

  2. Me again *makes Wallace expression – or is it Grommit?* I was very happy indeed to receive an old, illustrated hardback copy of Emma last Christmas from hubby. It’s the old hardback again isn’t it. I love the smell.

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