What’s your most treasured book?

Day 23 of the 40 day book challenge is ‘a book that is a most treasured possession’.

I wrote about buying the Tales of the City first editions during our 2001 jaunt around America and they are definitely my most treasured books. (And I still haven’t got Sure of You, if anyone sees it anywhere.)

The first one is signed by the author too. Look how happy that made me!


8 thoughts on “What’s your most treasured book?

  1. Impossible to say. I treasure the love of books and the worlds they can open up more than on single book.
    Having said that – the one I’ve just finished writing is treasured to me, but that’s kinda different ;-).

  2. But you always look that happy, daft ‘apeorth. (How DO you spell that ‘word’?!)
    My most treasured at the moment (times change) is ‘The Gift’ by Philip van doren Stern. It’s the book that ‘A Wonderful Life’ was based on. The story is completely different though! It doesn’t matter, I love the book v.m.
    🙂 xx

  3. Although I do not have it any more, my most treasured book was probably ESIO TROT by Roald Dahl. I grew up reading his books and, as a child, I was devastated when he died. I remember I had saved up my spending money and the day it came out I went into Sweetens book shop (in Preston) and bought the hardback.

    I finished it the same day (it wasn’t a long story) and I was disappointed I had read it all, and so read it again and again, trying to devour the last of his work.

    So, even though I haven’t got it, yep, I still treasure it because just writing about it now, I can feel those same heartfelt feelings I did all those years ago……..wow. XX

  4. Definitely Hans Christian Andersen tales from childhood. I recently went to read them to naughty 3yo and the vivid illustrations that obviously imprinted themselves on my mind transported me straight back to childhood. It was wonderful. However I was shocked by the scary pics and as naughty 3yo is prone to nightmares (?! probably my fault) I thought better of it!

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