My favourite chick lit book

Day 25 of the 40 day book challenge is ‘your favourite chick lit book’.

Just one? That’s unpossible!




3 thoughts on “My favourite chick lit book

  1. Oh god, Getting Over It was a cryfest. Did you see they’re making Stupid and Contagious into a TV show? Or she’s writing the pilot, anyway. And she’s writing a YA.

    1. I bought Getting Over It again recently, but haven’t dared reread yet. It’s about her father dying, yes? Hmm.

      I knew about the YA, but not the TV show – interesting!

      1. It is, yes. I had dreams about my Dad dying when I read it, and woke up crying. I can imagine you might find it a bit raw.

        Yes, fingers crossed Caprice’s adaptation is as good as the book, and makes it to air.

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