A book that everyone loves but me

Day 31 of the 40 day book challenge is ‘a book that everyone else seemed to love except me’.

I can’t think of one, I’m afraid, so I’m going to direct you to Scott Pack’s recent post about Disappointing Classics (and the many, many comments!).

Classics-wise, I hated Middlemarch when I read it at uni, but I know lots of people adore it so I feel a bit bad. Maybe I’ll try it again one day. (But probably not.)


15 thoughts on “A book that everyone loves but me

  1. Oh god, Middlemarch. I can’t do George Eliot. Even the thought of Silas Marner is making me go a bit shouty.

    Am totally with all the ‘Catcher in the Rye is bobbins’ people at Scott Pack’s, too.

      1. HA, I got Middlemarch from the library back in Oct 2010 & just returned it last month after much renewing. I never read beyond the first page. Silas Marner was a school book but it tickled me not, also.

  2. What about We Need To Talk About Kevin? (SO good!) Or does it have to be a book you’ve finished?

    I really liked Catcher in the Rye (Salinger’s my dad’s fave) but I was about 15 and bordering on clinically depressed when I read it, which is probably why.

    1. I don’t think everyone loves We Need To Talk About Kevin, do they? Is it even a book you *can* love? There’s not a hope of me reading it though.

      1. It’s sold really well and was a critical success and Orange award winner, and has been made into a movie… so I felt like it fitted the criteria the question was looking for. It’s definitely a book you can love, although it’s not one I’m in a hurry to read again. (Though I have read far more gruelling novels.)

  3. I read Catcher in the Rye 2 years ago, and really didn’t get why it’s so beloved. It’s so dull! One I couldn’t get into that so many people rave about is Birdsong. I also HATED Wicked (the novel, obv – the show is amazing) – so much adoration for it online but I actually hurled it across the room. Then swore at it and put it in the bin.

    I think We Need To Talk About Kevin is a great book, but I wouldn’t say I loved it. Just watching the trailer for the film made my blood run cold recently….

      1. Yes, but since it’s described as “harrowing” I’m not so sure. And the eye thing is one of the reasons I ain’t readin’ the book.

  4. Everyone seems to rave about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but I really didn’t like it at all. I read about a third of it but I didn’t like any of the characters or the story.

    1. Someone told me ages ago that the first half really drags, but then it gets good. Which is fine, but I so can’t be bothered reading a book that drags for, like, 200 pages. Jeez.

  5. It’s all Richard & bloody Judy’s fault: Cloudy thing (see even the name escapes me because I think I’ve taken an instant dislike to it). I think I hate it already & I’ve only just started to read it because I feel I have to read it because so many people love it. But I have a sneaky suspish that I will hate it. I may be wrong. I may never even get to find out because I suspect I won’t read it. Why do we beat ourselves up so much? Well, that latter statement is aimed at myself, because I do. Sorry, the book’s name has just come back to me – Cloud Atlas. Why? It strikes me as arty-farty for want of a better name. Pretentious crap that wreaks “aren’t I a clever boy.” Am I being a bit harsh here? Probably. Look, see, I’m all wound up.

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