Is it that time of year again?

I’ve got a lot on this week – a school visit at my old high school (eep!), plus trying to finish one book and then planning the next one before NaNoWriMo kicks off in November.

I didn’t think I’d be doing NaNo this year. I thought the next book would be done and dusted by November, but I ended up writing a different book and so I will indeed be starting a new book for NaNo. Again. I’m actually pretty thrilled about it. Even though I know it will be a challenge since I’m hoping to get away on a research trip in November too, but NaNo has never let me down before, so I’m looking forward to it.

Who else is doing it this year?


6 thoughts on “Is it that time of year again?

  1. No, this year I’m doing the sensible thing and realising before I get tempted that it’s not going to happen. Will carry on slowly plodding through the WIP instead.

  2. Sounds very exciting but too intense for me as my son’s just been diagnosed with ME so he is now at home & needs looking after full time and help with schooling (GCSE time – what bad timing) along with my 3yo. Never had so many demands on my body! But if I finish my current MS – nearly there after a trillion edits – I will definitely work alongside you all in spirit & give it a go but not put any real pressure on myself.

    Good luck to all you Nanobods!

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