This week, I’ve been mostly…

My lovely friend (and web-designer) Gabrielle Luthy blogged this this morning and I’m nickin’ it.

Listening… to The News Quiz, So Wrong It’s Right, Frank Skinner’s Absolute podcast. Ace.

Eating… biscotti to go with the Italy book I’m writing. And later on I’ll be ordering one of these later.

Drinking… Marks & Spencer’s Mojito Juice (non-alco) drink and yesterday I had a caramel macchiato for the first time. It was nice (bit sweet though).

Wearing… my new boots.

Feeling… excited about finishing the Italy book, starting the next book (NaNoWriMo!) and going on a research trip. Squee!

Wanting… new clothes. I’m bored of almost all of mine. (But I’m rubbish at buying clothes.)

Needing… a car. We’ve managed without one for a year and it’s been a good experience in the main. But I’m not putting up with it for another winter. The end of my tether has been reached.

Thinking… about how I’m going to end this book I’m writing. I have no idea.

Watching… I’ve just finished watching Friday Night Lights and I’m in mourning. I loved it so much and I’m so not ready to let it go. I need to find something amazing to replace it with. Oh and I’m also watching Strictly Come Dancing, which I think might be great this year.

Enjoying… Since there’s no ‘reading’, I’ll use this one. Enjoying Stephanie Burgis’s A Tangle of Magicks.


5 thoughts on “This week, I’ve been mostly…

  1. Agree with you about Strictly – the strongest year since 2005, I think. Lots of fabulous characters and great dancers. My favourites so far are Chelsee and Jason. Alex Jones is in there too.

    Not so sure about Zoe on ITT, though.

    1. Zoe’s growing on me. The first night she was totally hyper and it made me nervous to watch her, but she’s calmed down a lot.

      Funnily enough, week 1 I thought they were almost all awful and it’d be no contest at all. Last week I thought almost everyone was pretty great, particularly for week 2.

  2. Loved FNL so much that I had the last episode about a month before I watched it, I didn’t want to let it go!

    I’m enjoying Dancing With The Stars, especially Carson Kressley.

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