Nu shooz!

Years ago, I was walking past a branch of Hobbs on King Street in Manchester and saw a pair of shoes. A beautiful pair of shoes. I stopped and pressed my face up to the glass. They were multicoloured – red and blue and yellow (I think) – with a strap and a thick heel. I LOVED them. But they were, I think, £55. I didn’t have £55. I didn’t buy them. I’ve always regretted it and, even now, occasionally google them or check on ebay.

And then today I was in Next and spotted these shoes. I squeaked with joy and grabbed them off the shelf. “Look!” I said to Joe. He started taking his own shoes off. “They’re not for you!” I tutted. I tried them on and I LOVE them. They’re not the same as the Hobbs ones, but I’m happy. Aren’t they pretty?

And since I’m wallowing in nostalgia, remember this:

The YouTube sidebar for this video shows Let Me Be the One by Five Star, Hangin’ on a String by Loose Ends (“I’m not your plaything…”), Princess – Say I’m Your Number One, Let’s Go All the Way by Sly Fox*, Shannon – Let the Music Play, and I.O.U. by Freeez**. Honestly, I could lose hours.

* I only just got that pun. I actually though it was his name. Sylvester Fox.

** I.O.U. has one of the best bad lyrics ever. “A.E, A.E.I.O.U, U, And sometimes Y.” Still makes me laugh.


6 thoughts on “Nu shooz!

  1. I do not remember this song AT ALL. I only know Five Star of the ones you listed. But LOL-ing at “Sylvester Fox”. (I used to think Don Corleone was The Godfather’s name, short for Donald, I guess?)

    Anyway, yes. Pretty shoes! Although you might have got some for Joe. 😉

    1. Really? I used to love it. Not so keen now though.

      When I worked at a music business accountants, Del Amitri was a client. Someone had filed their file under A, like it was someone’s name: Derek Amitri 🙂

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