Blackpool, baby!

One of my best childhood memories is of Mum and Dad springing a surprise trip to Blackpool to see the illuminations. I remember getting in the car and being surprised that my pillow was in there. I remember spotting “Blackpool” on a sign on the motorway and realising just where we were headed, but pretending that I had no idea when we actually arrived.

I don’t know how old I was, but I also remember asking Dad to carry me as we walked along the prom, so I must’ve been pretty young. (My sister doesn’t remember how old we were either, but she thinks Dad offered to pay us 2p a mile to walk, so we must’ve been young… or thick.)

I haven’t been back to the illuminations since. For some reason, I thought they’d gone down the pan over the years and that the traffic would be shocking, but Harry and Joe wanted to go and so, last weekend, we took them.

It took us a while to get there, but the prom itself was relatively empty. And the illuminations were fantastic. First there were a few scenes set out along the side of the road – much MUCH fancier than anything I remember. Harry and Joe were both transfixed.

The lights strung across the road were gorgeous too – I was particularly taken with the Doctor Who displays and quickly snapped some photos for my Whovian friends. šŸ™‚

When we reached the end of the prom, it was still quiet so we turned around a drove back again. Harry declared it all “magical”. Joe struggled a bit to see the lights across the road and Harry worried that he was “missing all the excitement” but he seemed happy enough:

(Sorry it’s so dark, but, you know, it was dark. Hopefully you can see his happy little face!)

We were sorry to leave and Joe kept looking out for more illuminations on the way home (until he fell asleep, that is). We’ll definitely be going back next year and we might even hop on one of the illuminated trams for a more authentic experience.


3 thoughts on “Blackpool, baby!

  1. When we were kids that would be our annual holiday. Staying in a flat for a week in September on the front at the Bispham end overlooking the Dr Who tabloid display. We would swim in the sea during the day (freezing) and walk up and down the prom at night (freezing)
    When I had my own boys we would go and visit my mum and dad, who still went there for their holiday, eat fish and chips in the Bispham cafe and then drive through the lights each way then home. My dad died 10 years ago – have never been back since, can’t face it xx

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