Boy quotes (part 10)

All by/about Harry this time. That Joe’s got to up his game… 😉 

Harry’s report is lovely. Says they enjoy his “amusing anecdotes.” Oh dear.

Harry though his friend who goes for speech therapy was actually going to give a speech. “I think he goes on a stage with a microphone…”

Just told Harry I’m thinking of getting an iPad and he said “I’m going to fly with happiness!”

Harry watching Enchanted: “Who maked this film? This is ridiculous. I’ve never seen a mouse cleaning plates before.”

Harry just shouted that he’d found a “massive spot” on his leg. He came in to show me. It was a slice of cheese. #kidsareweird

We’re in a multi-storey car park. Harry’s just said “This is just like Disneyland but without the Mickeys!”


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