Boy quotes (Part 11)

All Harry again this week…

Picked up Harry from first day in Juniors. He said, “I don’t know why but this morning I had a little bit of butterflies.” *weeps*

Heard Harry in the room asking David to repeat “volvo.” Then he came in to me and said, “Have you heard of a car called a lo-vov?”

Harry’s made David a Spotify playlist consisting of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing 40 times and a bluegrass version 10 times.

Harry’s looking for one of his toys. He just asked me “Middy, do you have any idea where I last saw it?”

Harry’s just said, “A little TV will calm me down from the stressness…” I’ve heard it all now.

From the other room: “Now I’m going to scare that cat away or my name is not Harry Stainton!”