LA Day 2: The tourist thing

Forgot to mention that after we got back from Warner Brothers, we got a takeaway (Vietnamese) and took it back to the apartment. We felt pretty cool getting a takeaway in LA, I can tell you. And it was delish.

Anyway. Saturday morning we had another wander around the canals and then down to the beach again. We had brunch at the Sidewalk Cafe – eggs benedict with a mimosa. Oh yes.

We walked to Santa Monica and got on the tour bus, which took us back to Venice (we got off and had a coffee, the Germans on the bus declared the Boardwalk to be “disgusting” – heh) and then up into the Hollywood Hills. We saw a bunch of celebrity houses – mainly just the gates, yes, but it was still fun.

The Fresh Prince house! (Bob Newhart lives there.)
Leonardo DiCaprio's house. Fancy!


There were cameras in the bushes! And we saw The Playboy Mansion *spits*. And the Beverly Hills sign. It was all a bit fabulous. And me and Stella spent quite a lot of time snorting with laughter after remembering the Twitter joke about how when Will Smith and Jada split up, she was keeping the house and he was going to live with his aunty and uncle in Bel Air. Heh.

The bus dropped us at Rodeo Drive and we went for a wee in the Beverly Wilshire. Oh yes. We’re fancy. From there we went up Mulholland Drive (!!!) to see the Hollywood sign. It was v exciting, but we got much better pics of it the next day when it wasn’t cloudy so I won’t bother posting any here.

The last stop was Hollywood Boulevard, which I hadn’t really been looking forward to since it was so seedy when me and D went there in 2001, but it was greatly improved. Me and Stella got a bit tearful looking at the handprints and then went to The Kodak Centre and I had my photo taken with Ian Harding from Pretty Little Liars. Get. Me. 🙂


The Kodak Centre was yet another place we didn’t want to leave. It was just so twinkly and there were so many shops (and quite a few celebrities – we also saw Kym Johnson from dancing with the stars, and people on the bus saw Seth Green). We couldn’t get any further down Hollywood Boulevard because The Muppet Movie was premiering across the street and the road was blocked.


We’d planned to go straight out to dinner after being dropped off in Santa Monica, but we spotted Third Street Promenade from the coach and it looked nice so we went for a wander there first. It was LOVELY and Stella and I both paid a visit to our spiritual homes: Stella to Sephora and me to Barnes & Noble.

By then we were starved so we went back down to the pier for dinner at Bubba Gump’s.


And then we got a cab back to the apartment with a driver who did not stop giggling the entire way (he was on the phone, he wasn’t laughing at us) (I don’t think).

13 thoughts on “LA Day 2: The tourist thing

  1. I want to see the inside of Leo’s house among other things involving Leo. What a fab trip. So this is research?

    1. Ha! I don’t think they’ll let people *inside* Leo’s house (and there are a couple of previous commenters ahead of you in the queue). And, yes, this is research! Honest! (David’s not convinced either.)

  2. Wow… soo cool! The pics are awesome! Leo’s house is ridiculously HUGE! Did you see Seth Green or was it just other people on your bus? I so wish I had been on your bus… well actually I wish I had been in L.A instead of doing my exams, but you can’t wish for everything! 🙂

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