The One for the Money trailer!!!

I wasn’t sure about Katherine Heigl as Stephanie, but now I’m thinking maybe she’ll be okay… Not convinced by Joe, but Lula is EXACTLY as I imagined her. Grandma’s a bit young, but it’s Debbie Reynolds, how bad could she be?

Mainly I found it quite exciting to see these characters – who I’ve known longer than I’ve known my husband – finally coming to life onscreen.

What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “The One for the Money trailer!!!

  1. I agree. I think HStephanie will be ok. Lula is definitely perfect. Grandma needs to be at least 20 years older. Not sure about Joe. Very much looking forward to seeing this. Also some of my favorite books on the planet!

    1. I can’t get past Estelle Getty or Ellen Albertini Dow for Grandma, but Estelle’s dead and I guess Ellen’s too old? Debbie Reynolds is awesome though, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

  2. I love Katherine’s movies and I think it will be a good movie for her but she’s still not what I would consider Plum material. Other than Sherri Shepherd none of my other choices were picked for characters. I had no idea who Jason O’Mara (Joe) was until I started watching Terra Nova (new sci-fy show he stars in). Trust me, he’s frigging hot and grows on you in a good way. While I don’t see him as Joe per se I am sure he will definitely be enjoyable in One for the Money.

    1. I wouldn’t have picked Heigl either, but I can’t think of anyone else who could do it, so… (you know, rather her than Rachel Bilson or someone!) I like the idea of Daniel Sunjata for Ranger, but there wasn’t enough of him in the trailer to judge.

  3. Love her dad – just as I imagined. Love Joe in Terra Nova where he comes across as the perfect Morrelli but don’t think this clip does him justice. Ranger looks a bit young but that is probably me being a bot old 😦

    1. Yes, I think the mum and dad look good. Ranger does look a bit young, I think, but I know that actor and he’s pretty sexy, so he should be good.

  4. Hmmm…. I like, I think. But Joe doesn’t seem quite Italian enough, if that makes sense. And Ranger is smiling too much! But Lulu is perfect, as is Connie 🙂

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