Agent H saves the day

“I dreamed I was rescuing all the animals. It was in a train station – I don’t know why, cos I didn’t even go to a train station yesterday – and there were hundreds of cages with animals in.

“I was in a cage and I had a hat on like Agent P, but it was too small for me. It was Agent M’s hat and Agent M is a mouse. Then the evil man who taked all the animals opened my cage and I jumped on his back like Perry on Doofenschmirtz and I stayed there till he was dizzy and he falled over. And platypuses can’t even fly! But I flied.

“And then I opened all the cages and all the animals got out. And at the top of all the cages there was the king of the animals and that was the lion. And the King Cobra was there too because they’re friends. (Because they’re both kings.)”