Tiny tour of Lancashire

When I first talked to my publishers about book promotion, the thought of school visits horrified me. I was never good at public speaking – which, until fairly recently, had mainly consisted of doing “talks” at school. I’ve done a few now and while I still get butterflies before, I’ve found that I actually really enjoy it.

Earlier this week I did three visits to local schools – or rather, with local schools – the visits were actually held in libraries since the point was less about promoting me and more about promoting libraries. And, honestly, they were such fun. The teens were so enthusiastic and funny and quite a few of them were incredibly passionate about books and writing. It was really heartening. And it gave me quite a buzz.

So if you were one of the fab students I met at Barnoldswick, Skelmersdale or Lostock Hall libraries, please say hello. And thanks so much for Alison Turner for inviting me, chauffering me, buying lunch and passing on a bunch of American celebrity gossip magazines. So Kim Kardashian’s going to rehab, eh?


2 thoughts on “Tiny tour of Lancashire

    1. Thanks! I’m glad they picked that photo cos a couple of the girls got me to do some weird pose and I imagine I looked like a right divot.

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