Boy quotes (Part 12)

Harry: “Please don’t go to Los Angeles!”
Me: “Why?”
Harry: “Because you will be far, far away from me… Take me with you!”

Woken by a fly buzzing in my ear. Said if I could I’d “wring its tiny neck.” Harry said, “But you don’t know its phone number.”

David just went up to check on Harry and found him clutching our wedding photo and sobbing. Children are even weirder when overtired.

Harry: “I don’t like all this wet weather we’ve been having in Northumberland… but this hot chocolate is very nice on a day like this.”

Harry just said that when he saw [a girl in a service station] pick up my book he got “cocoons” in his tummy. *cries a little bit*

Harry was just making me a cup of tea, dropped the teabag and said, “Oh! Fail…” They grow up so fast.

Harry is making a holiday packing list. So far it says “Wii, Pigeon game, Dell, camera, iPod Touch, Kindle, books, food.” Kids today, eh?


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