So it’s over. And I finished the first draft of Emma Hearts LA and I actually really enjoyed it. AND I have more story so I’m keen to get back to it (this is pretty much unheard of). But I’m going to take a couple of weeks off to read, catch up on TV and admin (and *cough* go to Disneyland Paris *cough*) before starting the second draft.

How did you all do? Maureen Johnson has some excellent post-NaNo advice here.


10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMoNoMo

  1. Well done, Keris! And ‘yay’ for enjoying the story and still feeling enthused. Enjoy your reading/TV break; you’ve certainly earned it!

  2. Fabbo work on finishing the first draft! I finished NaNo at 10pm – ten years after I first did Nano. There were four failed attempts in between so really chuffed to finally get my act together 🙂

    Rome! Oh yes please! If you ever need an assistant to fetch things or take notes for Tahiti or Buenos Aries or whatnot just let me know. He he he.

  3. yay!!! great news! I cant wait for it! I hope the few weeks off get you rested and eager to come back to it! Im also jealous about Disneyland, wanna take me with you?

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