Whisked away!

On Tuesday night we were supposed to be going out for dinner in Manchester with some friends*, but then David phoned and told me to pack an overnight bag (adding “Don’t ask any questions…”). We got to the station and David bought the train tickets (while I bought a Twirl from the vending machine). His cunning plan was foiled when a platform alteration was announced and so I knew we weren’t actually heading Manchester-wards at all, but were in fact off in the opposite direction. He didn’t say, but I guessed that we were probably going to Lytham St Annes because we love it there. And I was right.

And that wasn’t all, he’d booked us into Mode, which I’d mentioned a few times (but I didn’t know he was actually listening!) and there was a bottle of wine in the room. The room was fabulous, with an ENORMOUS bed and a (titchy) balcony. We got a taxi to Lytham and had dinner at Bosco and then got another cab back (it was way too windy and cold to walk).

In the morning, I braved the cold and had a cup of tea on the balcony, watching the sun come up over the sea. It was absolutely lovely, and all the more fabulous for being a total surprise.

Thanks, lovely husband. πŸ™‚

* Forgot to say that the friends had cancelled the previous week and David decided not to tell me, planning this instead. In case you thought we’d stood them up!


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  1. I don’t feel quite as guilty about having to postpone our meal now! Glad you had a lovely time, see you soon xx

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