This time last week… (Disney Day 1)

5.15am, David’s alarm went off.

5.30am, Harry staggered into our bedroom, said, “Is it time to get up?” climbed in bed and promptly fell back to sleep.

6.00am I woke Joe. He went from snoring to standing up and saying, “Goin’ Disney?” in about five seconds.

7.30am Checked in at the airport and settled down for breakfast. I love the way Joe’s looking at David on the photo.

We weren’t sure how Joe was going to be on the flight – the last time we went on a plane, he was 5 months old – but he was brilliant. Chattered all the way there and laughed his head off when there was a bit of turbulence.

The seats had ashtrays in the armrests. I’m old enough to remember smoking on flights, but it still boggles my mind. Ashtrays in the armrests!

At Charles de Gaulle, first Joe and I got on the little transfer train thing, leaving Harry and David behind and then I tried to get on an escalator while holding Joe’s hand, not realising he’s never stood on one before. He stopped dead, but my right leg was already committed and off it went without me. After involuntarily doing the splits while also holding a scared toddler – and trying to stop him falling down the escalator! – we recovered our balance (if not our dignity). (What was David doing, you ask? I asked that too since he was right behind us. He claims there was nothing he could do. I suspect he was pretending not to be with us.)

Transfer via Vea was quick and easy and then we were there: The Disneyland Hotel.

I’d read online that one of the best things about the hotel was the smell and it was the first thing I noticed as we walked in – closely followed by the tree and an enormous gingerbread house. While I was checking us in, Chip’n’Dale arrived and Joe got totally overexcited. It was lovely. We met Eeyore too.

The room was lovely (albeit pretty similar to the room we had in the Sequoia Lodge a couple of years ago) and once the boys had checked out the TV channels and rolled about on the bed, we headed out to the park, meeting Mickey and Minnie on the way:

We got something to eat (and had our first “ouch” at the prices) then went on Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast (I love the animatronic Buzz so much). Joe insisted on going on the Orbitron, even though it was raining by then. I ended up laughing all the way round – a face full of freezing rain! Fun! From there, we went to line up for the parade and on the way Harry said, “Middy, I can’t believe you booked Disneyland…” “What do you mean?” “I can’t believe you booked it – thank you!” Wibble.

It was raining pretty heavily by then and Joe had had enough and demanded to return to the hotel. So we left David and Harry and went back… where Joe immediately got a second wind and ran from bed to bed. When David and Harry got back, Harry and Joe had a bath and David went to Disney Village to get some food. He returned with burgers, pizzas and a mulled wine for me. Excellent.

And then it was bedtime. We’d figured the boys were tired enough to go straight to sleep – fools. Joe didn’t want to sleep in his cot and promised to stay in bed with Harry. I got in the bath, Joe came in to say Harry was “missin’ you!” D took him back to bed, Joe came back to the bathroom. D got in bed with them both, all three fell asleep. I got out of the bath, woke D, he got in the bath, Joe woke up demanding to “see Daddy!”

I put Joe in his cot, he cried. And woke Harry. I decided I may as well sleep with them both and got in bed with Joe in the middle. The novelty of this was evidently too much for Joe who started talking… and talking… and talking: “What that noise, Mama? Hear that? What that noise? Hear little girl? What little girl doing? Where little girl been? What Daddy doing? See Daddy?” and on and on. I put him in his cot, he cried. I put him back in bed, he talked. This basically went on until about 9.30 when D came to bed and Harry went and got in bed with him. Once we were all accounted for, Joe went off pretty quickly and slept soundly until about 2am when he fell headfirst out of bed. Jeez.


8 thoughts on “This time last week… (Disney Day 1)

  1. It sounds like you gave Harry and Joe such an amazing experience. Much, much empathy on the sleep issues (that’s the biggest thing that scares me about taking MrD to America!), but oh, what a wonderful thing to do with them!

  2. Joe has the cheekiest grin ever! Especially in the first couple of pictures. I am so envious of your trip to Disneyland Paris. I have only ever been to Disney World and I would love to see the French version.

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