Dumbo, Flintoff, vomit and snow (Disney Day 2)

We were all awake by 6.30 and watched the park grow light through the window at breakfast. Once we’d finished stuffing our faces, we tootled over to the castle. For Joe, the castle is Disney. So whenever we were anywhere that wasn’t the castle, Joe would shout “Goin’ Disney!” and we’d say, “We’re IN Disney!”

We went on the carousel and then the Dumbo ride, where we learned that Joe does not understand/accept the words “It’s our turn next.” The ride would finish, Joe would get excited, the ride would start again – without us – Joe would throw himself on the floor, sobbing. Yeesh.

David is not a fan of the Dumbo ride. The wuss.

Last time we were at Disneyland, for Harry’s 5th birthday, Joe looked like this (left) and when we took him on the Peter Pan ride, he hit his face on the safety bar thing and cried and cried, while I cried along out of guilt and tried to stick my boob in his mouth to make him feel better. So I was a little wary about the Peter Pan ride again…

This time, I made sure to keep a tight hold of him and keep his little face away from the bar (also we noticed a sign this time that said children must be “ambulatory” – I bet they put that up after they realised the ride had given a 5 month old baby a fat lip). It was still a surprisingly jerky ride, but it’s so lovely and the boys both loved it (and Joe didn’t seem to be suffering from any terrible flashbacks, unlike me).

There was pretty much no queue at all for the Tea Cup ride so we headed over there next and then to It’s a Small World. Last time, Joe was utterly unimpressed with It’s a Small World and he didn’t seem much keener this time.

From there we went to watch a show – Mickey’s Winter Wonderland – and it was fabulous. It’s such an odd thing seeing Disney characters. Even though I’m 40 and I know they’re just people in costumes, I still get quite excited to see them. Not as excited as the grown woman sitting in front who waved like mad every time one of them looked in her direction though…

We started to queue for Santa’s Grotto, but Harry got a strop on so I hauled him out of the queue and let David and Joe get on with it.

They ended up waiting for almost two hours. Meanwhile Harry and I went on Big Thunder Mountain and Harry LOVED it (I enjoyed it too). When David and Joe finally got out of the grotto, it started to rain, hard, so we dashed into the Cowboy Cookout for lunch.

It’s stupidly expensive, but I figured it was worth it as soon as we walked in and saw Minnie and Mickey dancing together to a live band 🙂

It was still raining so we got the train back to the hotel and went to the room for a “relax.” Then we heard a brass band playing Christmas carols on the balcony, so Harry, Joe and I ran out for a dance.

The boys wanted to go for a swim, so we tootled down to the indoor pool and, on the way, passed Andrew Flintoff and his wife and kids. (He is HUGE!) The pool – and jacuzzi! – were great, until the lifeguards noticed something in the water, spent quite sometime investigating and then cleared the pool. As we left, we saw one of them telling someone there’d been vomit in the water. Lovely.

Once it was dark, we went back to the park…

Harry wanted to go on the Buzz Laser Blast again, while Joe and I went to watch the tree lighting ceremony. Joe fell asleep, but I loved it, particularly the fake snow, which (despite being fake) was totally magical.

Back at the hotel, we flopped the kids into bed – Joe didn’t even wake up when I transferred him from the pram – then I went up to Disney Village. I went to Starbucks intending to read over the first draft of Emma Hearts LA, but ended up making notes for a new book instead (eek!). Then I got dinner and mulled wine and went back to the hotel.

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    1. It’s gorgeous, but I wish it was smoother – it’s ridiculously jerky. I don’t remember it being like that the first time I went on (the year DP opened) so I wonder if it’s time for a renovation…

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