Terror, gorillas, pirates and castles (Disney Day 3)

Joe woke up at 5.45 and was AWAKE.

“Mama, what doin’? Where Mickey”

“Sleeping. It’s too early, Joe. Go back to sleep.”

“What Goofy doing?”


“What Minnie doing? What Pluto doing?”

“They’re all sleeping, Joe. Go back to sleep.”

“What Peppa Pig doing?”

“Sleeping. But Peppa Pig’s not Disney.”

“Where Peppa Pig work?”

After breakfast we had a couple of wasted hours trying to go to parks or on rides that weren’t open (you get a couple of “magic hours” when you stay in a Disney hotel, which means you can go into the parks before they’re open to the general public, but few of the rides were actually open) and then we finally made it to Disney Studios.

Me and H went on Crush’s Coaster – which we’d wanted to go on last time, but the queues were too long – and we were both disappointed. There’s a cute Nemo bit at the beginning and a few seconds with projections of jellyfish, etc., but the rest of it is basically a rollercoaster in the dark. I wish there’d been more of a Nemo theme.

Harry had wanted to go on the Hollywood Tower since the last time we came and, though the idea of it horrified me, I agreed to take him. It was all so well done – fantastic attention to detail – but it was horrendous. (In the US, it’s called The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, so, you know…) Harry and I were both shaking as we staggered to the shop to buy the photo. Harry said, “We should send it as a Christmas card and put ‘Have a horrifying Christmas.'” Then, as we walked to meet David and Joe, Harry said, “It’s weird, but I think I enjoyed it a little bit…” I know what he means… but I’m still never going on it again.

We went on a couple of Toy Story Land rides and then stayed for the Stars in Cars Parade, hoping that Phineas & Ferb might turn up (they didn’t) and then we went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. Joe slept through most of it, but thankfully woke up in time to see some of the animals.

As Harry posed for this photo, I said wouldn’t it be funny if the one on the right just thumped him on the head. As we both looked, the one on the left turned its head towards H and H ran through the restaurant, shrieking. Heh.

David took Joe back to the hotel, while Harry and I went back to Disney to go on Pirates of the Caribbean, which I’d completely forgotten about until H reminded me – was absolutely fantastic, probably my favourite of all the rides.

Then we went on Big Thunder Mountain again and by then it was dark. It was even better in the dark. In fact, that may have been my favourite. I can’t decide. Don’t make me.

We met David and Joe back in the square for the tree lighting, but the wind blew the (fake) snow away from us so the boys didn’t even see it, but luckily there was another (fake) snowfall on Main Street – while we waited for the Fantillusion Parade – and they loved it.

Waiting for the Fantillusion Parade

Watching the snow…


After the (fabulous) parade, we dashed up to the castle for some quick photos before going back to the hotel for bed (for the boys) and mulled wine (for me and D).


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