Paris, pigeons, towers and tears (Disney Day 4)

We’d decided to go into Paris on the Friday so we set off straight after breakfast in the rain and on a double decker train. We went for a quick look at Notre Dame and the Christmas tree and a guy held out some bread for the birds to show Harry and Joe.

While looking for a loo, we stumbled upon Shakespeare & Co and Harry and I went inside for a look. It’s such a gorgeous place with nooks and crannies, sofas and desks (and daybeds) and the most fabulous writing nook with a typewriter and fairy lights. Harry loved it just as much as I did and we could’ve stayed there a lot longer, but instead we went back out to D and J and went for a cuppa. (Large cappuccino, small hot chocolate, one banana milkshake = 18Euros, which is basically £18. Yikes.)

I wanted to show the boys some of the gorgeous Parisian shops, so we crossed back over the river and wandered down a little street lined with bakeries and chocolate shops. Harry and I got crepes (mine was salted caramel, yum) and took a photo of us reflected in a bauble.

Joe didn’t want a crepe, but he did want something, so I got him a palmier.

He ended up so utterly covered in crumbs, that I wanted to take him back to Notre Dame and give the birds an early Christmas present.

We crossed the bridge again and saw the locks all over the railings. Do you all know about this? Couples leave locks with their names on – as long as the lock stays on the bridge, the couple with stay together (probably). It looked fantastic and I could’ve stayed a lot longer (if it hadn’t been raining and I’d been alone).

We got the train to the Eiffel Tower and walked towards it with Harry chattering about wanting to go right to the top and Joe saying, “Madeyine sit there!” (Have I mentioned that Joe pronounces his Ls as Ys? So when we got to our hotel he said, “Yook! Yoads a’yights!” [Look! Loads of lights!])

I felt incredibly lucky to be in Paris, with my boys, and for them to be excited about being there too. Happiness.

Harry and I queued and got tickets for the lift to the very top, but when we got to the second stage we realised there was a massive queue for the next lift and, if we waited, we wouldn’t have time for one last quick trip into Disney, so we skipped it. The second stage was pretty damn cool though.

While Harry and I were up the Eiffel, David and Joe went on the carousel, got some lunch and then chased some pigeons…

We got a variety of trains back to Disneyland and had just over an hour to spend in the park before we had to get the coach to the airport. Harry had one request: Big Thunder Mountain. Again. The queue was too long and even the Fast Pass time was cutting it fine, so we threw ourselves on the mercy of one of the Disney staff who allowed us to go right through. Lovely. So we had one final ride and then headed back to the hotel. There were a few tears as we left the park (from Harry and then, because he was so upset, from me) and then we waved Disney goodbye.


4 thoughts on “Paris, pigeons, towers and tears (Disney Day 4)

  1. I hope you don’t split up if your lock gets taken off the Pont des Artes because they clear them all the time! The legend (and it’s very modern, comes from a Italian film apparently) is that you snap the lock on and then throw the key into the Seine – that’s what makes your wish come true. If you go onto the bridge in the evening it’s a massive party with people having picnics and playing guitar – you can’t drink outdoors though because it’s technically the 1st arrondissement and you get kicked off by a scary policeman (we know this from experience, luckily you can drink right next to it, sitting by the river with the teenagers and the hobos). We put one there in August because it’s CUTE.

    And next time, don’t queue for the tower: if you walk the first flight of stairs, there are no queues. Or go to the Montparnasse Tower instead and take the (empty) express lift to the open (yes, open) and TERRIFYINGLY HIGH roof. It’s known as the best view in Paris because it’s the only place from which you can’t see the Montparnasse Tower…

    I’ve loved reading about your trip – it’s taken me right back to when my kids were young/nice…

    1. Oh cool! I’ve been meaning to look it up but haven’t got round to it.

      There were queues at all four ‘legs’ and we did consider walking, but I didn’t fancy Harry whingeing all the way.

      Thanks! And wait! You told me kids get better! Were you lying?!

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