Please help with my Christmas present conundrum

I’ve just been to have a look at the presents I’ve got for Harry and Joe and now I’m a teensy bit stressed. Now, I’m not too stressed because I know Harry will be grateful for everything he gets (that’s not to say he won’t say “What about…” whatever thing he thinks he’s getting that I haven’t got him – my best guess would be a DS), but I just don’t know how to balance the presents between us and Father Christmas.

Because Harry’s my best bud, he’s actually been with me when I’ve been buying presents for Joe. In a few cases, he’s actually picked the present for Joe and I’ve put it away “for Christmas.” So I can’t label any of those presents from Father Christmas because Harry will know.

Then there’s the fact that Joe’s main present is actually from Harry. If you follow me on Twitter you will know that Harry was saving up to buy something for himself but then decided to spend it on a present for Joe. It was £50 and it’s huge, so is now Joe’s “main” present and therefore another one that can’t come from Santa. This means we’ve had to get Harry a big present from Joe so Harry’s main present is also not from Santa. Or from us.

It’s making my head hurt just thinking about it.

I know it doesn’t really matter – and I know this is probably the last year that Harry will believe anyway – but I remember how thrilling it was waking up on Christmas morning and having that pile of presents that I truly believed a man in a red suit had delivered down the chimney. I want Harry to believe that. But I don’t want it enough to go and buy him and Joe a bunch of extra things they don’t need just so I can write ‘from Father Christmas’ on the label. Do I?

How does everyone else do it?


20 thoughts on “Please help with my Christmas present conundrum

    1. Oh that makes sense. So I can maybe split the small presents between us and Father Christmas. Then I’ll need more wrapping paper…

      Thank you!

      1. I’m sitting here thinking ‘he’s never going to believe that’, but he was asking me about Santa getting down the chimney just the other day, so maybe…

  1. how about : tell them that because Santa knew that they were buying each other big presents that they didnt need so many from him. It would just be greedy to even more toys/presents. and it means that Santa can give those presents to other little children who don’t have brothers and sisters to buy them presents.

  2. How about stockings with little things like socks, chocolates, packets of crayons etc, all wrapped up, from Father Christmas, and presents from you and the boys to each other? And the idea above sounds great too.

  3. In our house the children have always understood that ALL presents are from us (or whoever bought them) but Santa looks after them and delivers them on Christmas Eve so there’s no point in hunting round the house for presents as the are all stashed at Santa’s house.

    Stockings are left EMPTY on the end of their beds when they go to sleep and Santa will fill these stockings if they have been very good and they are fast asleep when he comes.

    In the morning, the children have always come into our room and opened their stockings (tat, a comic/magazine, obligatory satsuma and net bag of gold coins, etc) then we go downstairs and to see what else Santa has been looking after for us.

    Stockings have completely different wrapping paper on than “normal” presents.

    1. Ooh, I’m loving hearing how everyone does it differently. That’s the bit I can’t remember from my own childhood – I know there were presents at the foot of the bed and also down under the tree, but I don’t remember wondering which came from where. Harry bloody asks though.

  4. I grew up believing that Santa had brought ALL the Christmas gifts, but my husband grew up believing that Father Christmas brought only the stocking gifts. Now, with our son, we compromise: Santa/Father Christmas brings the stocking gifts and ONE of the gifts underneath the tree (which is carefully labeled “Love, Santa”). It’s a good compromise for us.

    Good luck working it out!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. I don’t suppose Harry has any expectations about how much Santa spends, so a couple of smaller ones can be from him…

  5. We do the stockings filled with silly stuff from Santa (and used to leave that on their beds so they could open it when they woke) and then the stuff under the tree was presents from loved ones, which was opened after breakfast.

    What about a Santa sack/pillow case with a selection box, orange, playing cards, wee jigsaws etc?

  6. Honestly, I think the thrill of “having that pile of presents” is what they find important and the man in the big red suit is a secondary thought they won’t be thinking about when ripping paper. Santa probably knows they will need extra batteries. 😉

  7. What a lovely dilemma, Keris. Harry is such a sweetheart for buying Joe such a big gift… *weeps happily* Anyhoo, you’ve had some great suggestions – and I love the idea of explaining that Santa knows about the big gifts (Santa knows everything, after all). I grew up with the tradition that only the (small) stocking fillers/sweeties came from Father Christmas and all the gifts under the tree were from family/friends and required proper thank you letters! Good luck! xx

  8. Aww bless, how lovely of Harry to spend his money on Joe 🙂

    When we were kids some presents came from Santa himself and some came from our parents, but these were also delivered by him. The tags from Father Christmas were written by my Dad who’s writing we didn’t recognise (Mum wrote all the cards/tags/school/letters/calendars etc). I don’t remember what sort of presents came from who, stockings were definitely father Christmas but I’m not sure if it was our big/main presents or just little ones under the tree from him. Even as we got older and neither me nor my sister believed in him, if we got an expensive family present (like a Playstation) that came from Santa.

    I’m sure Harry will be happy if you say that you gave your presents to Father Christmas to deliver 🙂 I think we were told it was because he was the only one who knew if we were on the naughty list or not! I think I believed anything we were told because it’s all so magical, it was only friends at school that burst the innocent bubble!

  9. Stockings from Santa, tree presents from family etc. There was at least one thing in each stocking every year that caused mum to say “oh look, Santa shops at M&S too!”

  10. Oh Harry – you are such an angel!

    We just do one present from Father Christmas for each of the kids – like in the films! We decided it doesn’t have to be the biggest or best present, just a special one. It’s usually a smaller one, and comes in completely different wrapping with a real ribbon & a special tag. The rest of the pressies & the stocking are from us, other family & friends.

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