I *heart* Sesame Street

I know. I’ve probably mentioned it. Many times. But I really do, it’s just wonderful. I bought this a few years ago and, at the beginning, it says something about how it’s for adult nostalgia “and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.” Well. That’s balls. It’s wonderful for today’s preschool child. In fact, I’d wager it’s better than a lot of current shows.

(I also saw someone describe it as “not very PC” which is also toss. It was PC before PC was a thing: presenters of different sexes, races, ages and disabilities, but without making a big deal of it. I suspect the person was confusing “political correctness” with “health and safety”, as so many people do, because the original titles have two small children walking through New York alone. Don’t let your small children walk through New York alone and you’ll be fine.)

We’ve got every episode of the Sesame Street podcast on the iPod and we all love them. And they have celebrity guests, which often livens up a bedtime routine: Mark Ruffalo (for Anne-Marie)! Sofia Vergara! Jim Parsons (for Caroline), Taye Diggs & Idini Menzel, Amy Poehler (for Diane), Jake Gyllenhaal (for Stella)! I’ll stop now. (Neil Patrick Harris!)

Also, since today’s the 20th, here’s a Sesame Street animation for The Number 20 that made me smile.