Name that TV show. Please.

The new book – Emma Hearts LA – features a TV show about Astral Travel. It’s a sort of tongue-in-cheek drama. Think Supernatural or Quantum Leap or The X Files. But cheesier.

The thing is, it needs a title. The TV show, I mean. In the first draft of the book, I’ve called it ‘Astral Travel [think of better title]’ which obviously won’t do.

So I need your help. Can you think of a title?

A proof of Emma Hearts LA to my favourite and/or the one I end up using in the book. (Proofs won’t be available until I finish the book, which I can’t do until I – or, um, you – think of a title for the TV show.)


27 thoughts on “Name that TV show. Please.

  1. What kind of show is it? Like, a documentary/science thing or drama/comedy series?

    Not that I’ll be able to come up with a title, I am notoriously crap at that sort of thing.

  2. Touching souls? Soul Mates? Love amongst the Stars? Moon beams and Soul Stars? Starlight Searching? Soul Searching? Astral alignment? Memories and moon light? Out of body love?

  3. Somewhere Out There. Flying on the Astral Plane. Meet Me On The Other Side. Leap of Faith. Voyage of Souls. Journey of Souls. Soul Voyage. Soul Journey. Soul Traveller. Down to Earth. Soul Limits. No Limits. Parallel Souls.

    1. Beki, I love that so much it actually made me well up. It fits the book in SO MANY WAYS. But it sounds like it’s about a woman, doesn’t it? (And it’s not.) Waah.

      Would Stellar Highway work, I wonder…

  4. What’s the main character’s name? Does he Fight Crime while he’s astral travelling? Is he on a mysterious mission? (Can you tell I really want to watch this show now?)

    I’m thinking ‘Astral Traveller’ except in the US it would be ‘Astral Traveler’ which would be an annoying editorial thing.

  5. The only one I can think of is Shooting Souls (like Shooting Stars…) but that makes it sound like a murder mystery! I think you will need to write a script for an episode to give us more to go on 😉 (and then sell it to a network and make your fortune!)

  6. Gave it some thought and the best I can think of is: ‘Journey’s without Wings’

  7. * Sleep Walker,
    * Separate Lives,
    * Saul Flyer (His name could be Saul making the title world play for Soul Flyer),

    That is all I got. Good luck!

  8. Such a shame that Out of this World is already taken. (And also that it was a terrible show.) I like the Astral Drifter suggestion, though – sounds so romantical.

  9. Cheesier than Quantum Leap? That’s cheesy! And it was as though they thought of the title first and didn’t worry that it was nothing to do with the subject matter of the show.

    My first thought for your tv show is ‘Astral Weeks’ (like the Van Morrison lp). You could make the surname of the lead character of the show ‘Weeks’ in order to make this as cheesy as possible 😉


    1. Wasn’t it to do with the show? I’ve never seen it so I don’t know.

      And Astral Weeks idea is brilliantly cheesy – thank you!

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